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Dispel the confusion about what to buy, how to start and how to finish, all with a sense of humour! It will give you the confidence to splash out and paint, even if you've never done it before!
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Funny and witty, this course makes learning fun.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter #1 What To Buy
    • Welcome FREE PREVIEW
    • Brush types
    • Paint Types
    • Canvas or Paper?
    • What Kind of Easel do I Get?
    • All the Other Stuff I Need
    • My First Art Shopping List
  • 2
    Chapter #2 Mixing Paint
    • How To Mix Paint
    • How to Create a Tonal Range
    • Tonal Range Worksheet
    • Mixing Colour
    • Mixing Colours 101 Worksheet
    • How To Apply Paint
  • 3
    Chapter #3 Finishing Your Work and Cleaning Up
    • Sealing Your Masterpiece
    • How To Wash and Store Brushes
  • 4
    Chapter # 4 Points To Remember
    • 12 Points To Remember
    • Download the 12 Points To Remember
  • 5
    Chapter #5 Just so you don't get discouraged.... a painting doesn't always work the first time
    • Sometimes a Painting Doesn't Want to Work
    • Angel Painting
    • Now I See Through a Mirror Dimly
    • See you next time

No need to spend a fortune to get started.

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And if you've been painting for a while, the tips from an expert will make life easier!


Grace Bailey, MA, Visual and Performing Arts, BA Fine Arts, Grad Dip Teaching (Sec), Assoc Dip Creative Arts, Cert IV Information Technology, Cert IV Business Management

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    Prophetic artist

    Grace Bailey

What Others Have Thought

Denise Lloyd

I couldn't have believed it!

Denise Lloyd

I completed your Splash Out and Paint course and found the tonal and colour mixing exercises really helpful. I then did this painting on the weekend, "Majestic Splendour", literally using just the 3 primary colours plus white - couldn't have believed these colours were possible and it's the first painting I've done in a year.
by Lorraine V

I loved It!

by Lorraine V

I'm only used to oil paint so acrylics was a scary topic! Now I feel more confident to give acrylics a go and really go for the water and loosen up! Looking forward to more 😄😉 ps loved watching you paint!